'A land like no other’, figuratively said. Yet this tiny island located in the waters of the Indian ocean translates to just that! Picturesque beaches, adventurous wildlife reserves and ancient cities with magical residuum awaits one consumed by wanderlust. Well known throughout history books under various monikers, Sri Lanka is the ultimate tropical escape that could offer a quintessential getaway. A fusion of cultures offering the best of an exotic cuisine and a rich heritage that spans over 3000 years back, the island is a destination that does not disappoint. The locals offer an unmatchable hospitality with a lingering smile. You’ll feel right at home! Need a change of climate? Take a scenic drive to the lush hills towering in the midst of the island for a refreshing breath of air while the buzzing capital offers much more than the tropical heat. The sandy bronzen beaches married to blue waters offer the best of water sports, whether you’re in the mood to go snorkeling among stunning reefs or simply bask under the sun there’s much more where that came from. Ancient ruins dot the countryside with an extensively rich history that would pique an inner historian. An unmistakable treasure trove brimming with adventure. Come forth, and unravel the mysteries of the tropics in the pearl of the Indian ocean.



A glimpse of Sri Lanka; the diversified terrestrial unit with numerous quintessences of wildlife, adventure including trekking expeditions, air and water touristy, and the salted blue waters captivate one's ticker


Sri Lankan tourism offers many delightful tour bundles for sightseers. The island imparts plenty of best locations accompanied by fauna- flora experiences, family breaks, loveable excursions and marine day outs with an authentic essence.
  • Wildlife Tours in Sri Lanka

Wildlife Tours in Sri Lanka

Wildlife Tours offers you an opportunity to witness magnificent wildlife including Sri Lankan Leopard, Elephants, Whales, Dolphins and many endemic bird varieties by visiting Sri Lanka.

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Family Holidays in Sri Lanka

Enjoy your holiday with loved ones in Sri Lanka. All our packages are well prepared and offer many amazing experiences. Relax with your family and experience enchanting tour bundles in Sri Lanka.

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Romantic Holidays in Sri Lanka

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Authentic Sri Lanka

Enjoy yourself in the stunning and authentic Sri Lanka with its tradition. The packages offered here will bring you local experiences in Sri Lanka. Be like local!

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Beach Holidays in Sri Lanka

Relax and unwind your self by the beach, the golden beaches from West to East Coast are welcoming you to our little paradise. Explore it, Sun, Sea and Sand before heading back home !



Celebrate the spectacular and veritable Sri Lanka with eye-catching conventionality, including bewitching tastes psychological tranquillity with local methods.


Sri Lanka's open touristy dedicates noteworthy and affordable tour packages underneath the experiences of delicious natural fauna and flora, unique Ceylon and loveable breaks.


Sri Lanka's destination is not merely a location but a new exploration. Enrouting replicas denote the hodophile profundity of feelings and inspiration. Capturing every nanosecond in nature is an illustration of the astonishment of life.


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I recently had the pleasure of embarking on a 7-day Sri Lanka wildlife tour, and it was an experience that left me in awe of the natural wonders of this stunning country. While the entire journey was filled with remarkable encounters, the absolute highlight was the mesmerizing Slender Loris watching in Dambulla.

From the moment we set foot in Dambulla, I was entranced by the lush landscapes and the promise of spotting these elusive creatures. Our tour guide, a passionate naturalist, shared insightful information about the Slender Loris and its mysterious nocturnal habits. It was evident that we were in the hands of experts who cared deeply about the conservation of these remarkable animals.

The night excursion to the forested areas near Dambulla was a thrilling adventure. Armed with flashlights and our guide's expertise, we embarked on our quest to witness the Slender Loris in its natural habitat. As we ventured deeper into the wilderness, the anticipation grew. And then, like a scene from a wildlife documentary, we spotted our first Slender Loris—a tiny, wide-eyed primate with a coat of soft, grey fur. It was an unforgettable sight, and the hushed excitement among our group was palpable.

Over the course of the night, we were fortunate to observe several Slender Lorises as they went about their nightly routines. Their large, round eyes glistened in the beam of our flashlights, making for a magical and surreal experience.

In addition to the Slender Loris watching, our 7-day wildlife tour included visits to national parks, rainforests, and stunning landscapes, each offering unique encounters with Sri Lanka's diverse wildlife. We encountered elephants, leopards, colorful birds, and many other fascinating creatures. The knowledgeable guides made sure we gained a deeper understanding of the ecosystem and the importance of wildlife conservation in Sri Lanka.

The accommodations were comfortable, and the food was a delightful mix of traditional Sri Lankan flavors. The tour was well-organized, and our safety and comfort were always a top priority.

In conclusion, my 7-day Sri Lanka wildlife tour was an extraordinary journey that will forever be etched in my memory. The Slender Loris watching in Dambulla was undoubtedly the highlight, and I am grateful to the dedicated team who made this adventure possible. If you're a wildlife enthusiast and nature lover, I highly recommend embarking on this incredible journey. It's a remarkable opportunity to witness the beauty and biodiversity of Sri Lanka in the company of experts who share your passion for the wild.

This tour exceeded my expectations in every way, and I can't wait to return to Sri Lanka for another captivating wildlife adventure.


McCurran Sam