Camping is the best way to spend one or two night in outdoors by absorbing the beauty of nature. Mountain ranges and vast plains, wildlife safaris promote numerous campsites. There are various types of camping in Sri Lanka that you can spend your outdoor life.

• Safari camping
• Adventure camping
• Trekking
• Lake, River side camping
• Indigenous village camping

By visiting Sri Lanka, its authenticity can be experienced while stay at a campsites and the related outdoor activities. There are a great many camping spots in Sri Lanka where the travelers able to visit and spend.

Yala Camping

Yala is a well known National Park and there are plenty of views including a vast biodiversity with amazing fauna flora system. Elephants, leopards, birds and many other species can be seen during Yala sanctuary safaris. Apart from the usual food you are able to get the opportunity to have local food including bonfire and little BBQ.

Udawalawa Camping

Udawalawa is a national park with a huge elephant population and an interesting place ; transit home for orphaned elephants. You can see various species such as sloth bears, samber deer, crocodile, etc. Udawalawa is an attractive camping site where the travelers can have a perfect camping night with decent meals including best food.

Belihuloya river camping

Belihuloya is a scenic hillside location which is suitable for set up your camps.In here the holiday walkers have a opportunity to go canoeing in the calm waters of Samanala reservoir. Also you can engage in trekking and exploring the undiscovered nature and surrounding. In Belihuloya camping site, the camping companies like River garden Resort offer semi luxury camping experiences.

Vaddha village camping

This is the oldest and rarest cultural civilization in Sri Lanka. The indigenous people who live here used to hunt, engage in fishery, collect bee honey and other out door activities inherited by their forefathers.