Kandy Perahera


Kandy perahera is an interesting and a must watch event in Sri Lanka which highly elaborates the authenticity of Sri Lanka. This is known as the festival of the tooth which is held annually in July or August in Kandy. Many Sri Lankan Buddhists and Hindu people watch the event. The festival is held to pay the homage to the sacred tooth relic of Buddha that is placed in Sri Dalada Maligawa. Not only that offer the honour to three gods ; Vishnu,Natha, Katharagama and the goddess Pattini is the other purpose of this event. Actually this is a honourable and unique epitome of the authentic Sri Lanka.

You have the opportunity to see local and traditional dances, extravaganza of fires which the fire crackers make, the stunning sound of the drums made by drum beaters and specially some tusker elephants who participate as the main casket bearers. Moreover, in here you can get a rare experience and a view by watching the traditional customs of the cultures such as water cutting ceremony in Mahaweli river.