Traditions Industries


Sri Lanka has a proud heritage of arts and crafts. The local skill, raw materials and techniques strongly demonstrate the authentic essence of Sri Lanka. There are a great many sections in this traditional industry.

Wooden masks

These traditional masks are connected to the folklores. So these traditional wooden masks effectively elaborate the localization of Sri Lanka. South western coastal areas such as Ambalangoda is more popular for wooden masks industry.


Handloom is a best traditional industry that gain a huge export income. In handloom industry textiles such as sarees, bedclothes, towels and curtains are produced and created.


This is famous traditional industry in Sri Lanka. Many more designed clay pots and utensils are made in this industry. Molagoda is an area famous for pottery industry.


Batik is a unique design done by hand that fabricated on pure cotton or silk fabrics. Batik is used for sheets, clothes, paintings, wall hangings, decorative items and fasion industry. This industry gain a huge export income as well. You can get an experience by fashioning Batik designed clothes.

Wood carving

Wood carving is the oldest craft work in Sri Lanka. It highly showcases tje localization and the authenticity of the country via its historical and cultural significance. Lankatilaka temple, Embekke Devale at Kandy and furniture in Moratuwa are the great epitomes of this fabulous wood carving industry.