Uga Chena Huts

Set amongst the golden dunes and the lush greenery in Yala Sri Lanka, Uga Chena Huts blends Sri Lanka’s most celebrated features – its tropical beaches and its exotic wildlife.

Our Yala hotel has been designed with its surrounding tropical jungles and saline lake in mind. Enveloped in a world of scenic splendour and exotic fauna, our ‘huts’ are luxurious private cabins that offer awe-inspiring views of the surrounding wilderness and seascape.

In the heart of the unblemished wilderness lies Uga Chena Huts – one of the top hotels in Yala, Sri Lanka. Devoted to preserving and embracing the natural splendour of its surroundings, our resort is located at the end of a specially built road that connects with the main Tissamaharama-Yala highway, just a few minutes away from the Yala National Park entrance.

It is 315km away from Colombo’s International Airport and just 20km from Tissamaharama, the nearest town.

Uga Chena Huts is the perfect sanctuary from which to observe and commune with the abundance of life that abounds in these parts. Its unique location allows you to embark on exciting safaris in the Yala National Park as well as bird-watching tours in Bundala.


Uga Chena Huts by Uga Escapes is an all inclusive hotel in Sri Lanka that focuses on exclusivity and privacy in order to intensify a true wilderness experience like none of the other five-star hotels in Sri Lanka. It is a spacious 7-acre property, but accommodates just fourteen luxurious 1600sq-ft guest cabins.

These cabins include 1130sq-ft, climate-controlled, living spaces as well cabin exteriors that feature design cues from the region’s vernacular architecture. These abodes are designed in harmony with its wild environs while the interiors subtly highlight safari themes, featuring log furniture and African-style rustic motifs that belie the ultra-modern creature comforts afforded within.

These well-appointed cabins contain spacious living areas, cosy bedrooms, en suite private bathrooms featuring free-standing bathtubs and twin vanity controls, as well as shaded outdoor decks with built-in private 5m plunge pools. These lavish dwellings are also equipped with variable-intensity central lighting, a 42” LED TV, minibar, tea and coffee and daily housekeeping facilities.


The Basses restaurant gets its name from the nearby reef and lighthouse, and its nautical themed interior design creates the perfect ambience for its urbane fine dining fare. You can also dine under a canopy of stars by the beach alongside a romantic bonfire. We give you plenty of options unlike any you’ve seen at other Yala restaurants.

With its varied settings and its secluded location, Uga Chena Huts offers a host of unique dining options to suit the mood you’re in.


Set amidst the refuge of the Sri Lankan wilds, Uga Chena Huts offers an exclusive spa retreat where you can indulge in some personal pampering. As one of the most luxurious spa resorts in Yala, Sri Lanka, we offer you a menu of relaxing treatments including aromatherapy and rejuvenating beauty treatments.


Visiting the Ruhuna National Park, familiarly known as Yala, is on top of the list of things to do in Yala. It stuns visitors with its variety of biomes – monsoon, semi-deciduous and thorn forests, grasslands, freshwater and marine wetlands and sandy beaches where the only footprints you will see belong to foraging birds and animals. It is the largest and oldest of a chain of six national parks and three sanctuaries in the vicinity, and by far the richest in biodiversity, boasting 44 different resident mammal species and one of the highest leopard population densities in the world. There are also dozens of reptile species including turtles, crocodiles, flying snakes and elegant fan-throated lizards. As for birds, Yala has no less than 215 resident and migrant species, of which the flamboyant peacock is one of the most common.

Apart from Yala and its satellite parks, other nearby attractions include the Great and Little Basses reefs (best reached via Mirissa), off which blue and humpback whales congregate and dolphins frolic, and where the wrecks of Portuguese treasure-galleons lie scattered across the seafloor; Kataragama, an ancient forest shrine on the edge of Yala, sacred to a local deity often identified with the Hindu god Murugan, that attracts tens of thousands of Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims during the July-August festival season; and Bundala, another sanctuary whose jungles and wetlands attract as many bird species as Yala does, and where the remains of Homo erectus communities half a million years old or more can be found among the coastal dunes.

Expeditions to all these locations, including all-day tours of Yala and whale-watching expeditions from Mirissa, are easily arranged at your convenience.