Kandy Randholi Final Perahara
19th Aug 2024

Kandy Esala Randoli Final Perahera 
Day 10 (Tickets & Seats) - 19th Aug, 2024

Reserve your seats in advance to experience this most awe-inspiring festival of light, color, and culture, and you will find yourself marveling at the most splendid, religiously significant, traditional procession of Sri Lanka in the beautifully lit streets of Kandy!

Queens Hotel Corridor
Paivas City Hotel Corridor
Delight Bakers Corridor & Balcony
HNB Corridor

Private seat to view Kandy Esala Randoli Final Perahara

What to expect
As the beautifully dressed magnificent herd of elephants stride proudly in tune with the drum beats accompanied by hundreds of dancers, drummers, jugglers, and fire performers, this grand parade of multifaceted performers is transformed into one of the grandest processions of all time. Among them is the most glorified and vivaciously dressed tusker marching forward carrying the golden casket that holds the sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha, in the streets of Kandy under the skies illuminated by the full moon and the streets dazzled by blazing torches. This truly is a mesmerizing sight.