Hot Air Ballooning

Ever wondered what it would be like to float across an evergreen paradise, surrounded by a panoramic view of misty mountains, serene waterways, and wildlife roaming freely amidst soothing sounds of leaves rustling and birds chirping and gentle flows of water streams nearby? 
Well, you are in luck! Sri Lanka offers you exactly that and more! A once-in-a-lifetime, soul-soothing excursion in the oldest form of flight, a hot air balloon ride that will leave you in awe! 
This soul-soothing experience begins before sunrise, where you will be picked up from the hotel you are staying at in Dambulla, Kandalama, Sigiriya, or Habarana areas, around 4.30 am - 5 am, depending on the distance to the take-off site. As you arrive at the location of the balloon take-off in Dambulla, you can enjoy a Sri Lankan breakfast buffet while you witness the colorful giant come to life by inflation and ignition, followed by a safety briefing. 
As the balloon take-off gently at sunrise, you will begin to experience the bird's-eye view of the central plains of the paradise island, where green is the general rule. With the wind gently brushing through your skin, and the golden rays of sunrise illuminating the surrounding landscape views of the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, you will find yourself floating across the calm and serene “Kandalama lake” in slow motion, with scenic views of fisherman’s floating on tamed water lit by the morning glow, and birds flying over water that can put crystals to shame. 
An hour-long scenic flight will take you across lush green land dense with the diverse beauty of monsoon forests, paddy fields, and vegetations, along with frequent sights of wildlife such as water buffaloes, elephants along the banks of water streams, and the sun-soaked mighty Sigiriya Lion Rock standing proud in the distance. Drifting over the Central plains of Sri Lanka, vibrantly colored with fifty shades of green while puffy white clouds float beside you, is a soul-soothing experience that will remind you what it is to feel peaceful in life. 
This 1000ft - 2000ft above journey covering miles and miles of greenness with almost no feeling of movement will be concluded with a glass of champagne by the crew as you land along with the warm welcome smiles of surrounding villagers and children. The entire excursion takes about 4 - 5 hours from the time of your pickup to the drop-off back to the hotel, and this soul-soothing journey of free float will surely leave you feeling blissful. 
Whether you have experienced a hot air balloon ride before or not, the sight of Sri Lanka’s lush green land turning golden at sunrise from a basket of a hot air balloon will leave you in awe!