Recommended Stays

Palm-fringed pristine golden sandy beaches, sweeping views of lush green mountains, alluring wilderness, valleys blanketed with tea bushes, ravishing waterfalls, incredible cultural sites, ayurvedic rejuvenation, daring adventures and more; Sri Lanka has got it all. Finest accommodation defined by each destination and hospitality that goes above and beyond champions the beauty of the teardrop island, making Sri Lanka every traveler's ideal destination.

Luxury & Boutique Accommodations
Timeless properties with uninterpreted breathtaking views and unique offerings, luxury accommodations in Sri Lanka has so much to offer to turn your stay on the island into an exquisite one. Take a dip in an infinite pool and sip a cocktail as you enjoy a stunning view of the sun setting over the horizon. Step onto the balcony and enjoy the feeling of walking into heaven and sip a warm cup of Ceylon tea while savoring a charming view of an evergreen mountain range. Stay at a stylishly redecorated secluded tea estate bungalow in the highlands with a view of lush green valleys blanketed with tea bushes. The luxuries of the finest modern amenities in the quietness of exclusivity and fine dining with mesmerizing views are a few of what awaits you at these luxury and boutique accommodations.

Comfort Accommodations
These stylish, chic, and indulgent properties with first-class service, nifty pools, sophisticated restaurants, and blissful views that are unique in their offerings provide the comfort of the elite with a little less exclusivity at an affordable rate. Enjoy a panoramic view of the sun-soaked beach or the misty highlands from tastefully designed hotel rooms with contemporary facilities as you tantalize your taste buds with flavorful meals. Ideal for your rejuvenating holiday or your business trip, the comfort collection properties are all masterpieces of their own.

Standard Accommodations
Relax in the laid-back lounge, take a dip in the swimming pool, and stroll past the landscaped garden space to indulge in the scenic views. These are kinder to your wallet with all the necessities and facilities to make you feel at ease. With close to zero compromises in comfort, these properties are strategically situated across the island, keeping convenience and affordability as key interests. Browse through these recommendations, and you will agree that these properties are the definition of value for money.

Eco-Friendly Accommodations
Soak in the eco-luxuries on a palm-fringed beach, in a lush green mountain range, or framed within the wilderness of a jungle in Sri Lanka. Located in most off-the-beaten-track locations amidst the quietness of nature, these hotels and resorts offer you a refreshing approach to tourism. Inspired by nature, designed to create as little disturbance to the surroundings and built in an eco-friendly manner while sustaining the local communities, these are located in the most secluded locations. Check out the luxurious sustainable comfort these properties offer for earth-loving souls.

Tent-style accommodation where the wilderness meets luxury. Indulge in sweeping views of serenity seated on a private veranda, slowly a sip away into a soul-soothing sunset, and soak in the peace away from the crowds amid the wilderness. Camping/glamping in Sri Lanka can be experienced in a lush green jungle boasting plentiful wildlife or even on a palm-fringed beach with expansive views of the Indian ocean. These properties guarantee luxury amenities with a personal sense of connection to nature.

Home Stays
Get a closer feel into the local culture and savor homemade local delicacies with the warmth of the hospitable people of Sri Lanka. Homestays are an intimate alternative to hotel and resort accommodations. These are perfect to explore the unseen destinations on roads less traveled with a friendly host who will show the hidden gems of the paradise island. A deep dive into the local livelihood at any of the below-mentioned carefully selected homestay accommodations will make you feel like you are a local yourself.