Enjoy Making Curd in Sri Lanka

Meekiri (sometimes also known as Mee-Deekiri); fermented buffalo milk gel is a deep-rooted dairy product in Sri Lankan food culture and the production of Curd plays an integral part in the livelihood of rural farming. Curd consumption is widespread irrespective of geographic boundaries, across the cultural and/or ethnic communities. In Sri Lanka, buffalo milk is predominantly used in producing Curd, where production has been specialized in various geographic areas in the country, associated with major buffalo farming regions. Physicochemical and microbiological quality attributes are apparent to differ in Curd according to varying production regions, processing techniques and storage conditions. The mouthfeel and taste of Meekiri are widely accepted to be thicker and creamier with a pleasant note and is whiter in colour compared to fermented cow milk gel/yoghurt. Since Curd production is localized in Sri Lanka and available as traditional know-how at the primary production level, up-to-date comprehensive scientific literature that accounts for processing and detailed product quality characteristics is lacking. Hence, this review evaluates and outlines updated information about the Curd production, associated buffalo farming systems, quality characteristics of Curd including physicochemical, sensorial and microbiological aspects in the final product.