Trek to Horton Plains National Park in Sri Lanka

Along with the nearby Peak Wilderness Protected Area and the Knuckles Conservation Forest, the Horton Plains are a World Heritage Site called The Central Highlands of Sri Lanka. It’s a unique ecosystem with abundant flora and fauna that’s been described as “a super biodiversity hotspot” and one of the most beautiful Sri Lankan national parks.

The Horton Plains trek comes to a sudden end at the peak of World’s End. There you will have an impressive view on the surrounding landscape that plunges 1200 meter. The trek to Worlds End is 4km, but the trail then loops back to Bakers Falls which is 2km and continues back to the entrance which is another 3.5km. So the total roundtrip is 9.5km which will take you about three hours in total depending on the time you spend at Worlds End or Bakers Fall.

During the hike in Horton Plains National Park you will discover a diverse landscape with wild grasslands, cloud forest, different types of rocks, beautiful waterfalls and misty lakes. There is also a wide variety of wildlife. You will see many birds, sambar deer and even leopards live in the National Park! There are many different species of plants and trees. You can see more than half of Sri Lanka’s mammals, more than half of the flowering plants of the island, as well as many different trees and shrubs.

On your way to the big Worlds End, you will first pass the so called Mini Worlds End which is a 300 meter drop and also a very impressive view. After this lower viewpoint you can continue the hike to the ‘real’ Worlds End.

To see World’s End, you need to get up early. The best is to start your hike before sunrise so you won’t be disappointed with a huge blanket of mist obstructing the beautiful view of World’s End. Standing on the edge of Worlds End is a very special experience, but be careful. There are plenty of horror stories with fatal outcome so you must take the usual safety precautions. There are numerous spots to get great photos, but always be careful near the edge. Especially when there is a lot of wind.

The extraordinary view of tea plantation villages in the valley and the view towards the southern coast is just incredible. If you’re lucky to go on a clear day, you can see the ocean which is 80 kilometres away on the horizon of Worlds End. Horton Plains is simply one of the best nature reserves in Sri Lanka and Eco Tourism venues in the world!

World End is a sheer cliff with a drop of about 1200 meter. Keep in mind that is has to be a clear day if you want to have the best view. Clouds can easily cover the area which won’t give you a view at all.