Trekking to Ella Rock

Narrow roads running through sweeping views of surrounding hills blanketed in lush green, the laid-back little town of Ella is a real treat with astonishing summit views for those looking for a good dose of adventure. The sunrise view from the summit of Ella rock is one such display of nature that every hiker should experience.

Wake up before sunrise and embark on this approximate 10-kilometer round trek to soak in the beauty of picturesque panoramic views of Ella lighting up with bursts of golden sunshine. Beginning at the Ella railway station, the trail to the peak is not a clear pathway that you could follow without a guide. However, following the tried and true directions offered in this blog will take you to the summit without a local guide.

But first, let us set some rules. Rule number one, do not follow the sign boards placed at several locations on the trek with directions. Almost all of them are misleading! Rule number two, avoid the monsoon seasons to avoid leech attacks and slippery accidents! Rule number three, do not worry much. You will get there eventually, so just enjoy the climb!

Now, since the rules are all set, let's get going. The hike begins at the charming Ella railway station. Once you arrive at the Ella railway station, get down to the railway track and walk toward the Kital Ella railway station, which is about 5-kilometers away. Even though there is nothing unusual about walking on this railway track, stay alert for any trains that might come in your direction. And, if a train does come, there is plenty of space on the sides of the track for you to step aside.

Once you reach the Kithal Ella station, walk a bit further till you come across a yellow color signboard that says 15 km/hr placed on the left side of the railway track. That is your cue to get off the railway track and take a left turn onto the trek leading to Ella rock.
As you walk along this path, you will reach a small bridge. From here, take the left pathway ascending through tea bushes and then hike up the narrow pathway which is fallen through a tall grassy patch. We have to say that walking through this might be a little claustrophobic.

As you come out of the grassy patch and arrive at the forest region, you can be relieved that you are more or less out of the maze. The zig-zag forest trek that falls through tall trees and slippery slopes is geographically pretty straightforward. Therefore, the chances of you getting lost are pretty low. Physically, however, it is a challenge.

As you ascend a few kilometers through this forest trek passing a few scenic pit stops, you will reach the summit covered in pine trees, a little hut, and a Sri Lankan flag.
Walk up to the edge to immerse yourself in the stunning view of the sun coming up as the mist clears out over the surrounding hilltops cloaked in lush green. What a reward! The cold breeze brushing the tiredness off you while the sounds of birds synced to the sound of leaves rustling soothe your soul. It is absolute bliss.

This 3-5 hour hike that is fallen through railway tracks, charming countrysides, and then ascends through tea bushes, grassy plains, and forest patches is at its best during March-June and December-February.

So, what are you waiting for? Take your hiking boots out of the closet. The Ella rock adventure awaits you.