Trekking to Little Adams Peak

Cliff drops with sensational views of majestic mountains densely covered with lush green forests and tea plantations, lit by the tangerine skies of a poetic sunset that will slowly fade away into the quietness of nature is truly a magical sight that will light up your eyes and bring a smile to your face. But, that is only a teaser of what little Adams peak has to offer. 

With a trail that begins at a high elevation and having to climb only a few hundred meters, getting to the top of 1141 meter high mountain is a piece of cake. So much so that, you will be blown away by how can such little amount of effort be rewarded by such a spectacular view. 

A 2-kilometer walk/ride from the main street of Ella will bring you to the start of the mini Adams peak trailhead right next to the Ella Flower Garden Resort. The trail begins with a climb along the lower mountain slopes decorated with splendid views of expansive tea plantations and the sight of women dressed in colorful attires with a basket hanging in the back plucking tea leaves scattered across vigorously yet symmetrically grown tea bushes. 

This moderately inclined climb will bring you to a series of steps passing the Flying Ravana zipline and leading to the summit. If you are an amateur hiker, climbing this series of steps can feel a little tiring as the ascend is uphill, otherwise however would find it to be easy peasy. Either way, navigating this merely 3-kilometer hike is simple as it can get, as there are plenty of signboards placed along the way to guide you.

Once you reach the summit, the drop-dead gorgeous peak will keep you busy for a while with its multiple viewpoints, rocks, and platforms with incredibly beautiful mountain views complimented by jazzy skies. While the panoramic views from each point offer a different sight to marvel at, and it only gets better as you go along the ridge. And for that extra touch of tangerine magic, opt for a sunrise or a sunset hike.

The little Adams peak, with not so little views, is known to be one of the most picture-worthy/Insta-worthy places in Sri Lanka and is identified as a must-visit place on any to-do list in Sri Lanka. 

Go on this mini-adventure, and you will know why!

Note: Besides the above route, an alternative route falling through the 98 Acres Resort & Spa will also bring you to the summit through the same trail.