Trekking to Peacock Hill

Located on the way to Nuwara Eliya from Kandy, Peacock hill Mountain is the highest peak in Pussellawa rising only 200 meters above the Pussellawa city. Peacock hill is easily accessible by using the roads across the villages. Peacock Hill Mountain is one of the most panoramic vantage points of Pussellawa which gives an extraordinary view of the most mountains and cities. A traveler would have a wonderful time walking up the hill and taking wonderful photographs. Peacock Mountain is one of the most scenic spots in Kotmale and it is located in Gampola, Pusselwa. Ambulawa, Dolosbage Range, Nawalapitiya Town, Nuwara Eliya beauty can be absorbed.

It is said that the name Monaragala was given because it can be seen in the shape of a peacock. At the top of the hill is a section of rock that protrudes from the main ridge. That part looks like the head and neck of a peacock at the top of a mountain. If you want to get there, you have to go further along the rock and go down a little. That's the most beautiful place on the top of the hill. But from there there are slopes on all three sides. It is better to be careful.

History: has it that Prince Dutugemunu came from Magama and farmed in the Kotmale area for many years. It is said that the prince lived in a village called Kotagepitiya at the foot of this mountain. Legend has it that he had a discussion with the Suranimala giant who brought information to Prince Gemunu through a rock from Mount Monaragala.