Trek to Makandawa Forest Reserve

This is known as Makandawa Conservation Center, situated in Kitulgala, Sabaragamuwa province. As a flora system, mainly a thick tropical rainforest can be seen. The location is a perfect spot for bird lovers who are interested in bird watching. You can watch various birds and endemic birds such as the Orange-billed babbler, Ceylon jungle fowls and spur fowls. Not only that but also nature lovers can view many endemic butterflies, dragonflies and reptiles. It provides housing for the slender red loris, a rarely seen one and grizzled tailed giant squirrels.

Things to do at Makandawa Forest Reserve

>The holiday leavers can engage in bird and butterfly watching and experience a dazzling extravaganza of nature.

>So far, hiking, white water rafting, and adventurous sports are standing by.