Weligama Sri Lanka

One of the many famous surfing destinations in Sri Lanka, Weligama is a coastal town situated in the Matara district in the southern province. The name “Weligama” translates to “sandy village” which describes the sandy sweep of the bay. Situated just 89 miles from the city of Colombo it’s no secret that the Weligama beach is one of the most sought out beaches in Sri Lanka for amateur surfers and some exotic beach bars and clubs. With its captivating beaches, stunning rivers and breathtaking sceneries are some of the many reasons people flock here.

A tourist destination turned quaint fishing village it’s located close to a picturesque bay with rocky ridges and golden sands which adorn the beaches. An amalgamation of a fishing town and beach resorts. At first glance, the town looks like every other coastal town in Sri Lanka, yet you’ll discover the more serene sights more towards the beaches which also has a couple of cove beaches. The beach is the perfect spot for amateur surfers and for anyone who loves a go at snorkeling, scuba diving and coral watching. The crystal-clear waters offer stunning views of colorful reefs and exotic shoals of fish. Catch a rare sight of blue whales, manta rays and whale sharks at the remarkable dive sights available at the beach. Known infamously as a fishing village in Sri Lanka discover the traditional method of stilt fishing in Weligama. This method involves a stilt or a horizontal pole planted in the ocean floor while the fishermen carefully balances themselves above on the stilt and skillfully fishes common targets such as small mackerels and spotted herrings, a fascinating sight.Excursions towards the land includes guided bicycle rides which gives a chance to explore and get your bearings around the town. Visit numerous coconut plantations where they give you a guided tour on how coconuts are utilized sustainably on many classic crafting techniques such as weaving mats, ropes and etc. Catch a glimpse of sneaky slithering serpents in the snake farm where many Sri Lankan reptiles that are unique to the country can be spotted in their natural habitats while learning some interesting facts of these creepy crawlies. And for the history buffs, Weligama has its fair share of local history which dates back to the 6th and 9th century. Visit the statue of Bodhisattva Avalokieteshwara an ancient statue sculpted out of rock. For more traditional experiences it is recommended to view the Devil Dance, a traditional dance famous in the south which is thought to have healing powers. Dancers wear sinister looking masks with contrasting outfits and Dance around fires to the sound of beating drums an eerily spellbinding experience. After a day’s experience simply unwind in one of the many boutique hotels or spacious villas Weligama can offer. The main strip of beach is dotted with lively restaurants and luxuriant resorts and hotels. The nightlife here is exuberant and is the best way to wind down after a day’s worth of touring.

An awe-inspiring experience awaits you in the “sandy village”. Jot this down on your travel itinerary next.