Luxury Tours in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a perfect destination for those who are interested in culture, the hill country with stunning tea plantations, dramatic mountain ranges and long white sandy lines.  Its tropical climate offers warmth and many sun-drenched lands with sunshine throughout the year.
The travelers can get the opportunities to bring exciting experiences by engaging in various trips such as beach trips, active wildlife adventures, and cultural tours beneath luxurious destinations with luxurious lodges, high-quality experiences and decent mind-blowing cuisines. You can experience relaxation within your discovery in luxurious excursions. Frankly, Sri Lanka is the best recommendation for a perfect luxury tour.
The travelers can get many experiences through the excursions in the hill country, wildlife journeys, coastline walks and activities and romantic tours underneath opulent services, including high-quality accommodations, tasty meals and incredible hospitality.
Hill country journey
During your Sri Lankan visit, historic tea planters' bungalows with opulent services including decent and tasty mind-blowing dishes and a personal butler. There are plenty of excursions on foot, even horseback rides. Sample a Ceylon tea while making an enjoyable and unforgettable memory with your kin, friends and beloveds.
An unforgettable romantic holiday
Sri Lanka is considered one of the topmost destinations in the world that are accompanied by a great many eye-catching verdant and rugged topography, sun-drenched waterfronts and blue-clad marines. Sri Lanka's tourism promotes numerous romantic breakouts on behalf of beloveds and newly married couples. The travelers can engage in a cruise by sailing on a marine underneath an idyllic breeze during sunset time. East, West and South coast are stunning beaches to make loveable memories while sailing along the blue wrapped up splendid oceanic water. Mirissa, Beruwala, Passikuda and Trincomalee are the coastlines you must remember to engage in sailing and enjoying natural harbors.
Furthermore, you can explore the colonial cities beneath opulent services in Sri Lankan travel tourism. Sri Lanka provides many historical towns like Galle, Colombo gives a magical romantic holiday by a luxurious holiday through incredible services. Archival buildings and architecture, romanticized seaside, harbors and forts capture your romantic hearts and tempt you to enjoy a romantic holiday in magical Ceylon.
Beach tours
Sri Lanka is one of the best destinations in Asia. Welcoming gorgeous beaches and impressive waterfronts point out many more beach tours on your behalf. Experience an opulent breakout in Sri Lanka with stunning coastlines and splendidly created waterfronts. Enjoy your holiday in marine viewing luxurious options. Sri Lanka tourism promotes many beach holiday packages underneath affordable and fascinating tour bundles.
The travelers can view the scenario of the blended view of sun, sand and sea in coastline destinations in Sri Lanka as such enchanting and spectacular beaches bound the island. The South, East and West coastlines give dazzling scenery to tempt you for a beach holiday. The travelers can engage in water sports such as surfing, diving, windsurfing, etc., You can get a rich experience via the beach tours even from the luxurious hotels such as Taj Bentota Resort, Club Villa, Mandara resort, Jetwing hotel etc.,
Dolphins and Whales watching experiences.
A tour in Sri Lanka offers an excellent opportunity to watch whales and dolphins in several marine areas. There are three main spots to engage in whale and dolphin watching. Mirissa, Kalpitiya and Trincomalee are the best locations to visit dolphins and whales. In Sri Lanka from May to September is the best time to visit Trincomalee the time duration from December to April is the best time for Mirissa and Kalpitiya. You can go whale watching from above in a modern, comfortable and luxurious way, such as through private seaplane or helicopter rides.

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  • 21 Days
  • People: 1-12

Luxury Tour in Sri Lanka
20 Nights 21 Days

Explore the country, witness all its beauty the nature, wildlife, culture and the best beaches. Enjoy and relax at best luxury accommodations!

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  • 13 days
  • People: 1-12

Luxury Tour in Sri Lanka
12 Nights 13 Days

Sri Lanka is a perfect destination for those who are interested in culture, the hill country with stunning tea plantations, dramatic mountain ranges and long white sandy lines.

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  • 12 Days
  • People: 1-12

Luxury Tour in Sri Lanka
11 Nights 12 Days

Indulge in Luxury stays and enjoy the combinations of best excursions.