Explore Pahiyangala Cave

Sitting 400 ft above sea level in the village of Yatagampitiya in Kaluthara district, Pahiyangala cava is the largest cave in Sri Lanka and one of the largest natural rock foundations in Asia.
This 200 feet long, 400 ft high mammoth cave is historically significant with the archaeological discovery that excavated human skulls dating back 37,000 years. With this discovery, it was evident that this cave has been inhabited by prehistoric cavemen 37,000 years ago, making it the most ancient pre-historic settlement in Asia.

Further, the archaeological diggings have also led to the discovery of weapons made of animal bones and stones that belong to the same era as the human skull. The research suggests that these weapons have been used to kill deer, porcupines, monkeys, and other animals by ancient cave residents. Further research has also revealed fun facts such as how the population has adorned themselves with jewelry made of snail shells.

Located 40 km away from Colombo, Pahiyagala cave can be reached through Kaluthara and Horana. The cave’s entrance, which is 175 feet high and 160 feet wide, can be reached following a 20min climb and a walk up stone steps surrounded by tropical green. However, you will come across a few patches that do not have a safety fence, hence climb with maintenance.

As you walk into the property of Pahiyangala cave, you will come across the diggings made for archaeological research, and you can take a walk down a few steps into the pit to take a look at the diggings of historical discovery. If you are not feeling adventurous enough to pace down into the pit, you can avoid this altogether and walk further into the cave.

Inside the cave, you will come across another smaller door opening up to the bat cave. But be cautious as you walk in through the door, as actual bats might hit you in the face when they fly out due to the disturbance caused.

While there is so much to explore and learn about the pre-historic cavemen and their livelihood at the Pahiyangala cave, your visit will also reveal that the cave is not only of historical significance but also of religious significance, as it is also the home to a Buddhist temple. And at Pahiyangala cave, the 40 ft resting Buddha statue is a peaceful sight that no one will miss.

Even though due to archaeological research many tunnels within the cave are congested, it is a mesmerizing visit down history. %MCEPASTEBIN%