Kayaking in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is blessed with a number of water bodies such as lakes, rivers, lagoons and beautiful beach fronts! With this abundance of water bodies the opportunities for Kayaking are endless! Kayaking is form of water sports where one moves across a body of water by paddling using a double-bladedpaddle to pull front-to-back on one side and then the other in rotation.

Kayaking in Sri Lanka has become a very sought out main stream activity that both locals and tourists like to participate in. Much of the rivers and tributaries in Sri Lanka gives the opportunity to travel along by kayaks. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, these river systems offer varying levels of difficulty giving a thrilling edge to this activity. Smoother waters at Kala Oya situated in the north west of the country offers a gentle experience for beginners in Kayaking. While the white-water rapids of the Kelani river in Kithulgala offers a more adrenaline rushed experience. Whether you’re attempting Kayaking just for sport or as a leisure activity you can find many locations in Sri Lanka that would cater to your specific needs. A more leisurely experience at Kala Oya offers visitors a Kayaking trip through the mangrove forests where one can interact with the surroundings and observe some of the calming views and the flora and fauna of the location.Kithulgala with its cascading waters running over the hill country’s bed rock offers more challenging waters ideal for pro’s who’s looking for sport. White water kayaking is an intense experience where kayaks are subjected to rapid dropsa faster current in the water. For a more safari like experience you can opt to go kayaking via the Mahaweli river through the Wasgamuwa National Park where you will get to experience much of the wildlife in the shore of the river while you navigate through mangrove forests. With a long a beach front around the island you can even opt to go kayaking in the blue waters of the many beaches down south. The Weligama Beach is located in between the cities of Galle and Matara an ideal spot for anyone who’s looking to enjoy the sun down south while also trying their hand in various water sports such as kayaking. With guides in two and life jackets and all safety practices in line you may have a safe and wonderful time traversing through the waters leisurely. Kayak diving is an activity where the divers paddle to a certain diving spot carrying all their gear giving the diver independence from dive boat operators. This can be tried out in beaches such as the Unwatuna beach in Sri Lanka which offers some of the best diving sites in the island with clear waters and views of stunning coral reefs and marine life.

With over 103 water bodies dotting the island it is no secret that Sri Lanka is blessed with the best of nature presenting with unique opportunities to utilize these waters for some of the best water sports the island can offer.